Dear Adorable Friends

Welcome to Istanbul

At its most adorable

Time of the year

 14 - 18  May 2020



Many friends ask "What is the best time to visit istanbul?"

 The answer is always Spring.

So why not ınvıtıng our friends to Istanbul at ıts most adorable time of the year?

This wonderful period of blooming flowers is one of many reasons why we want to welcome you to Istanbul in May. What brings us together is not only this fantastic city, it’s also the pleasure of quality dancing, beautiful music, sharing unique moments and spending a magnificent time at one of the most adorable cities. We invite you to Adoración Tango Marathon.

What you need to know:
Adoración is a gender balanced pure marathon. We will accept most adorable 250 dancers tango marathoners from all over the world.  There are some important things you have to know about the event and here they are.

First of all, Adoración will take place at Dedeman Gayrettepe Hotel's beautiful main Ballroom, As you already might know Dedeman Hotel is the legendary hotel & venue for Sultans of Istanbul Tango Marathon & Festival where brings the elements of ultimate comfort and warmth togetherness. We will dance drink, eat, embrace, sleep and repeat all together. 

We have packs with or without accommodation. Hence, we strongly advise you to elect with acommodation , to have the super comfort of reaching your room from milonga in seconds.

To obtain the marathon pack you need to register first and then receive the acceptance and the confirmation e-mails from us. ​Dears, please do not make any plans before you get your acceptance and confirmation by e-mail.  

  • Marathon packs will be distributed according to the gender, nationality, dance level and other criterias.

  • Only 250 marathon packs are available. 100 of the packs are for the friends invitated by us personally. So, be fast to register before the remaining 150 packs are run out.

  • There will be a pre party (Thursday) and after after party (Monday) in Academia Del Tango İstanbul and Tuesday local experience. So, please stay more then a weekend to have the full sensation. All of the non marathons milongas are just 10 min walking distance from event hotel.

  • Marathon pass owners with Accommodation can participate freely to the night-milonga (For Example: Thursday Night) for the nights they are staying in the event hotel (*Except Tuesday night milonga). But keep in mind that registration has to be booked by us.

  • Don't forget that our marathon has 2 open buffets during in day milongas and 2 after night milongas with very rich free snacks alternatives. 

  • We can find a roommate for you in case you register for double room, you have to accept the person we find for you.  

  • If your check in and check out dates dates with your room mate is not same. You have to pay the single price for the nights you stay alone.​

  • Rooms for every each participant with accommodation in Gayrettepe Dedaman Istanbul Hotel are booked by our registration system. People who stays in the hotel can freely use the hotel pool, fitness area and wi-fi. Breakfast is not included into the prices.​


MUSICAL Geniuses

We managed to bring an wonderfulllllll DJ cast from all over the world. They will create an unforgettable atmosphere for you. Also, we will have 2 special occasions.

It will be the final performance of our dearest friend and most famous friend La Ros :( 

Anddddd we will celebrate Mauro's birthday :)

So prepare yourself for tears and laughters


Dedeman Gayrettepe Istanbul Hotel is the place where we organize the adoracion and where we stay alltogether. Because  marathon's hotspot is exactly at Dedeman Gayrettepe Hotel, we strongly recommend you to choose our packs including the rooms at Dedeman Gayrettepe Hotel. 

Also, please know that most  friendly accommodation prices are waiting for you. To accommodate in hotel you have to register via our web page! not Hotel's.

More Info About Hotel...

Dedeman Gayrettepe Istanbul Hotel is a 5 star hotel, designed as a modern city hotel, continues to share its 30 years of experience with its guests from all around the world. Dedeman Gayrettepe Istanbul Hotel is located in the heart of the city, just few minutes away from major business and shopping centers, is the perfect choice for tango lovers.

Rooms are all at least 18.5 sqm. (199 sq.ft.) in size and are as comfortably appointed as they are tastefully decorated, a hallmark of Dedeman hospitality.  You can choose rooms with two single beds or one double bed, which are all equipped with a flat screen LCD TV with satellite, along with minibar and in-room safe. 

Hotel's SPA has outstanding spa treatments in Facials, Massages, Body Treatment, Makeup and Hair Threading. With their top professional Aestheticians and Massage Therapists, its a heaven for pampering. Also, Hammam and pool are really helping to relax totally.

Hotel has a magnificent beautifully decorated ballroom with the size of 500sqm without columns. The ceiling's height is 4.5 meters which provides dancing in a spacious space. We also organize Sultans Tango Marathon & Festival at the very same place.



Thursday & Monday Milonga Adress: ACADEMIA DEL TANGO ISTANBUL: 

  • Büyükdere Cad. Alba İş Merkezi No:67/71 , Mecidiyeköy

Friday & Saturday & Sunday Milonga Adress: DEDEMAN ISTANBUL HOTEL:

  • Gayrettepe, Yıldız Posta Cd. No:50, 34340 Beşiktaş/İstanbul

Tuesday Milonga Adress: LA CUMPARSITA

  • Fulya, No:, Emiroğlu Sk. No:2, 34394 Şişli/İstanbul



  • First of all we accept single registration ;) no worries about it. But of course we have limitations

  • All prices for the marathon are highlighted at registration form. You can select your pack with or without accomodation 

  • Due to the hotel rules we have to increase the prices of the rooms after booking first 70 rooms and then 100 rooms. Price changes will be announced in our group page and registration form.

  • After first 100 Rooms new prices will be announced if any rooms are available.

  • Marathon pass owners with accommodation can participate freely to the night-milongas.  (For example: Thursday Night) for the nights they are staying in the event Hotel. Registration has to be booked by us. (Except Tuesday Night @ 19 th of May).

  • We can find a roommate for you in case you register for double room, you have to accept the person we find for you.  

  • If your check in and check out dates dates with your room mate is not same. You have to pay the single room price for the nights you stay alone.

  • Breakfast is not included to our prices but if you want you can join when you come to Hotel. But the hours of the breakfast is early so you might miss it.

  • It's not possible to stay with a non tango friend or family member.

  • Minimum accommodation can be 3 days.

  • Thursday & Sunday & Monday night milonga payments will be collected at milonga entrance. Each Milongas are 15 €.

  • Price of the Half Day Istanbul City Tour with Tango Friends is 60 €. Including the Museum tickets and round trip transportation from hotel

  • You can book an Hotel <-> Airport transportation by us. One way 70 € and round trip 120 € for a car (Not a person). Each car can take up to 6 Luggages 6 person. Create your own group to fill it or wait for further announcements.

  • Unfortunately, we cant accept any cancellation for any reason. There will be no refunds.

  • Marathon has 2 open buffets during in day milongas and 2 after night milongas with super rich free snacks alternatives. 

    • Soup of the Day with crunchy breads

    • Cheese & Tomatos & Cucumbers

    • Bruschettas

    • Mini Empenadas with sour & sweet souse

    • Yogurt with fruits

    • Oat flakes & Milk

    • 2 types of Jams

    • Salty and sweet cookies and muffins

    • 3 Types breads

    • 3 Types of Fruits

    • Free Coffee, Tea and Water



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